Steam Clouds over Wolsztyn

All of Poland is entirely occupied by these modern trains. Well, not entirely... One small village of indomitable train fans still holds out against these modern invadors. Many relics of a bygone era are still to discover. Here everything is still very original and also obliged the nature. You not even feel this concentrated by evaporation like in other European countryside and notes suddenly, here not yet found all this, the optical trainromantik by cutting power lines.

Overall in the woods is following you one of the most pleasant scent of pine resin. So I go to the thing on the ground and discover such areas at the tree trunks, that look like open wounds. which is pine resin production on the living tree. If one goes with his nose close to tree trunk, it smells really wonderful and very intense for this very pleasant resin. The tree sap is harvested here by the people, so-called Harzer. Resin was formerly required as a raw material for the production of pitch, tar and turpentine.