R.Britto in seinem Studio in Miami  
"I always had the idea with my pictures for all people accessing to be, the young in their Heart remained. I want it with my art appeal directly, everyone should given the opportunity Contact with my work be able to make. "

His pop-colored images, with some childish playful or affectionate romantic image content, particularly because of us powerful and beautiful colors move, we always a smile seduce, we certainly all been perceived. The contents are on their fun-loving, imaginative representation for each very conceptual and understandable. There are many items

and scenes from the everyday life, such as flowers, sunshine, Faces, waves with the unique style of painting by Romero Britto just give a good feeling. But there are also the central concerns personal experiences, the intensions of his   Romero Britto 'Vincent's Chair'   eigenen Lebens, die wir at repetitions of various topics such as recognize Still Life. His very bold contours and bright exotic colors have a very modern appeal. On the other hand acts this blaze of color also traditional and fident. also Brittos   Romero Britto 'Karin'

Formal language leads us directly into the action, makes stimulate our imagination and wants us almost say, take life not so hard, see her, quite banal things we can also look at this enchanting way.

Romero Britto 'Love Blossoms'   There are energetic images that give us energy, they are very lively Lines, which gives life a little playful abgewinnen, there are the romantic content, the animate us to dream and pause. Britto can itself again and again inspire and bring this enthusiasm spontaneously in his compositions. Space and color define this relaxed then sliding visual experience experience.   Romero Britto 'Latin GRAMMYs Verleihung'

Despite his fame, he is far away from stardom. Rather, one is surprised such a humble man of a very pleasant and natural type meet. This too mischievous teenagers that surrounds him, you realize his Soul relationship to his art at about the it does not however defined.

He is a life-affirming and very attentive man. It is pleasant and unge forced to reside in Brittos society. Romero is an artist who always seems busy. That this positive zeal which is ubiquitous in Miami and there life make up, always programmed the senses on full throttle. Despite this, there is always a very relaxed way of life with a "smile" on the face, as they are probably nowhere better as can experience in Miami.   Romero Britto 'Deeply In Love'   That's this almost indescribable bubbling and tingling Atmosphere, which equally projected to his artistic work. She seduces smile even if one occasionally a difference is to mute. But he can make life also enjoy, for example, when the season for Stone Crabs food (Meereskrebsart) is rung - every year on 16 October - then his passion comes through to dinner.

The rich and famous know it there all and he knows it. A single Hello Hello here and there, and how far are you with my Image. To date, Britto fulfilled his dreams with relentless momentum. "Everything in life is moving forward to an eventual natural end, so we should fill our lives with color and hope fill "is the credo an artist of itself tries to remain true.

He loves traveling to different countries, it is life interesting as the people there, dressed are, what they buy, what they're respect what she Believe.   Romero Britto 'Mother & Child'   Everyone has something unique for him and the various cultures all have to moveth history. Miami is a conglomeration of Diversity is because here a little of everything to see, just a very   Romero Britto 'The One And Only'   multicultural community. This is all very inspiring and can be very exciting experiences have with these people. They are very active here, there is a very vibrant community, a very fast lived.

People come and go. Some have residences, others do it again only for a short time station here. Different faces at any time, a community that is always in motion. It is important fürihn Good do to his family, his friends, but also themselves. have joy at work, early in the morning when you get up is to feel comfortable very important to him. As compensation for his work, he likes to relax in his garden. Even watching TV, listening to music, and especially food, eating and food are included.

Romero Britto 'A Taste Of Love'   Romero Britto 'Piano Man'   Romero Britto 'Eunice's Fruit'

Born and raised Romero Britto 1963 in very humble circumstances in Recife, a poor, agriculturally-oriented city in northern Brazil. To a little to add color and gaiety in his otherwise rather dreary childhood he started the copying of works by great artists from books and nature. Due to its natural Inclination visually express recognized Britto the possibility with his art to convey messages, but also just to celebrate joy.

Romero Britto 'Winter' Romero Britto 'Frühling' Romero Britto 'Summer' Romero Britto 'Herbst'

And so finally found his own style. A mixture of pop art, graffiti painting and a modern cubist interpretation, and not to forget the witty Processing of his name turn in his works. With 24 years Britto wandered finally to the United States. The international breakthrough came in 1989 with the illustration of a Absolut Vodka campaign (among other things also with Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf). Romero Britto 'Mickey Mouse'

"It was for me the most exciting time, simply the greatest and it was also a lot of fun." Other advertising orders and commissions (Pepsi Cola, Grammy Awards, Montreux Jazz Festival) followed. His innovative and vision ellen designed with satire and humor interpretations enjoy an excellent reputation among serious art collectors as well beiganz normal people. Romero Britto 'Absolut Vodka'

So prominent names like Pop veteran Robert Rauschenberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, the Rothschilds, US President George Bush, the Guggenheim, the former French President Mitterand, Stevie Wonder, Sophia Loren, Andrè Agassi and Whitney Houston have long been among his collectors. Romero Britto 'Pepsi-New Generation'

  Romero Britto 'Britto Garden'

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