"It starts with the Desire to express themselves. In addition to the joy the form. In which Genus is a realized depends above all of his innate gifts from. To find out what one there possesses in detail, one must try it".

Who gets to know Helmut Maletzke in person, will respect dessem year of birth, 1920 , Might dabble in Neustettin once surprised if he also faces the right person. 20 years younger Maletzke would surely pass. But it is precisely these 20 years would somewhere absent in his works, because in them you look at a person experienced in decades and increased understanding of our time and culture history.

Helmut Maletzke 'Kreislauf'   Born into a politically and economically tense period of the Weimar Republic, with its well-known consequences, the Wall Street Crash in October 1929 and the it incipient world economic crisis, the high 3 million unemployed and their fast inflation led to social impoverishment.   Helmut Maletzke 'Zeitenwandel'

Helmut Maletzke 'Dorf auf Rügen'   But even from the fashionable roaring twenties and his optimism about progress is talk. a little of everything already absorbed at a young age in itself, it is these contrasts, which still magically pull him under his spell. The nature of his Pomeranian home rooted in the deepest heart, he likes just the lights and the bustle that brings a city to life.   Helmut Maletzke 'Stadt bei Nacht'

It draws on traditions of art history, which in ancient and biblical tradition Centuries were created and adapted them with familiar symbols and metaphors in our time. To immerse yourself in his world, we need the ambivalence that picture stories within its comes to fruition, understand.

A very unconventional meeting of Überliefertem plastically been experienced and his fertile imagination finds fertile ground here. Sometimes they are linked to stories from our everyday life with allegories from mythology, sometimes a fiction with real everyday stands shown. But every Sometimes they are familiar to us scenes that we so long no longer have established in our consciousness, and the us   Helmut Maletzke 'Goethe'   sometimes smile and sometimes to stimulate thought. This doubt arises something literary in his pictures. His sometimes complicated-looking variety of topics in one single image is almost immeasurably, but also easy on overwhelming and very gripping told. They are all Content that move the artists, because they temporarily described him fatefully

Helmut Maletzke 'Vergänglichkeit'   met us is so completely unique so ago. No doubt he is one of those Artists, all being a model to take. When dealing with the Sujet, the Maletzke the viewer treacherous enough, runs aground, it but a lot of freedom for Associations acknowledges, the viewer has not the same opinion come. He is only inspirational and intellectually certain to Route are brought.   Helmut Maletzke 'Traumstation'

Helmut Maletzke is a person full of ideas, energy, but also a human being, to the has fate not only stroked. It is also the story of a moving past. After the war from Russian captivity returned home, he has remained true to his home.

He married and settled in Greifswald. Professionally, he has graphically and artistic reoriented and finally for art in public Construction operates in baugebundenen area, as it was in the GDR. He felt it was a good time in the GDR, because he liked the socialist Basic idea. Nevertheless, the move to this ideology had inevitably fail, because much of his experienced as a witness and in pictures   Helmut Maletzke 'Mensch und Erde'

  Helmut Maletzke 'Wir sind die Größten'   expressed not want to be equally understood. A commission him his artistic freedom! ! ! vordiktierte to only the socialist system was to propagate, just not his thing. Always megalomania intimate with slogans huge communist fists painted on large façades and houses, and Nowhere could one of these socialist protagonists Stalin or Lenin missing, with and which no one could identify more correct.

He simply ignored the specifications, after all, he had also a reputation as a painter lose "if only that crap malt". He saw it as a given, that since only happened nonsense, and that the population thought so "are indeed also not stupid. "   Helmut Maletzke 'Besudelung'

  Helmut Maletzke 'Weg durch schwierige Zeit'  

  Helmut Maletzke 'Erstrebter Rechtsstaat'

He would be a painter when someone expresses that he likes an image and he wants it would like. He feels that the interest from the West grows slowly. He observed a certain Ignorance of the East. Many gallery owners hardly bothered her looks east to judge. Have indeed their artists from overseas etc, besides Helmut Maletzke is just in the US very successfully represented.

Helmut Maletzke 'Mechanisierte Nächstenliebe'   Helmut Maletzke 'Fernsehabend'   Helmut Maletzke 'Behörden, Akten, Menschen'

Just after the turn of exhibitions in Harrisburg (Pennsylvania), New York and Los Angelos invited been. That was a big success for him, because his art very own fascinating Charisma and his inexhaustible imagination image seems very pleasers Amis. Exhibitions are very important to him. His works are in many art-loving hands wandered, and his name is supported so on. His youthful enthusiasm keeps him still busy, keeps out curious and interested.

  Helmut Maletzke 'Besuch beim Maler'

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