Jeder Fazzino-Fan erhielt von dem äußerst sympathischen Künstler eine eigene individuelle Signatur
Jeder Fazzino-Fan erhielt von dem äußerst sympathischen Künstler eine eigene individuelle Signatur
  Jeder Fazzino-Fan erhielt von dem äußerst sympathischen Künstler eine eigene individuelle Signatur   "All my art is my Love
for all of you that my art
estimate. If we all went
are, and elapsed many years
are, then I hope that our
Descendants of one of my
Images will look and
say this is a Fazzino.
He was this artist, download
of these images from
painted this life, download
that really yesterday was".

Charles Fazzino 'This is the big Apple'   Charles Fazzino must probably have taken a liking to Hamburg, how easily on its can admire humorous "Welcome in Hamburg" Collage. Born in New York in 1955 artist sees himself as a draftsman, and is next James Rizzi probably the most popular 3-D artists. Charles Fazzino 'Willkommen in Hamburg'

Charles Fazzino 'LondonNightQueue' With more than 600 galleries, his works are sold worldwide today. They hang now in private Chambers of many famous personalities. With Fazzino we have an artist who actually do not only art lovers responsive. Rather, one must not be an art expert to outright to that his work to make a difference in a say. What's so special about Fazzino's Works? For this we need a little immersed in the American culture. Charles Fazzino 'Meet me in Toronto'

fall away, and his mystical cities like Los Angeles or New York with his exuberant entertainment that contains music from pop icons like Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys to George Gershwin, Hollywood films of Hitchcock with Actresses like Marylin Monrroe, amusement centers as Las Vegas, with its famous "Rat Pack" - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., the theme parks with its Walt Disney characters, Football and so on.

Charles Fazzino - Alfred Hitchcock, ein offizielles Kunstwerk, welches die Universal Studios zum 100sten Jahrestag von Alfred Hitckcock in Auftrag gaben. It is these dream worlds with their vibrant colors and this extraordinary wealth of details that are not only the Americans so love. Also we Europeans can us the magic of this hard not dream worlds and raving about the colorful music and Filmed entertainment, with which we, the US experienced culturally the past 50 years. And Charles Fazzino`s art with its brilliant, history narrative Talent fits just perfect in this, it embodies the American culture par excellence. Charles Fazzino 'Forever Marilyn'

Inspired by the look of old pop-up books Europe and America, he developed in the 80s a new art form: the 3-D collage - always an equal, additionally finely cut out image detail is in different levels added to each other and so gives this spatial impression.

The ideas come to him often at night or in the early morning hours. The first phase includes comprehensive investigation. So he wandered example Hamburg several times, dined in various restaurants and pubs, just so as to capture the atmosphere of the city. is indispensable also studying postcards, books, maps and videos. He began his work on a very quality paper - which is also used in museums. The next step is a screen printing, a very special printing process that is carried out by hand. Often he must then have manual applying to his Editions, correct. Charles Fazzino 'Alpine Trails to You'

Charles Fazzino 'Disney on Broadway' Each hand-printed piece is meticulously cut out, glued, polished, and again joined together. Layers, layer with the respective details (usually there are two plane s), are superimposed and glued with hot glue, which touched especially for him becomes. Everything together is a very special process he deployed. In a spe cial oven they are then hardened. And if they stick once, he painted numerous Details again by hand with some brilliant acrylics and completed the pieces with acrylic glitter.

Originally, he used the glitter for laminating smaller boo-boos (error). Meanwhile, he may no longer at it, refrain, "It's like if I decorate a finished cake with powdered sugar." Compared to Rizzi are his motives more colorful and usually provided with a "Plus Sing". These are small Funobjekte as said Glitter dust and glass stones. His private views are more and more real Cult events.

Charles Fazzino 'San Francisco 49ers' Even buyers are already proud owners of his works to come up with their pictures to him and let still additionally sketch on the back of their Fazzino Collage an individual signature. there come every time outspoken masterpieces such that almost starts to ponder, be like rum you Image actually want to hang. Charles Fazzino takes the time for it and if it hours Charles Fazzino 'Oktoberfest in München'

takes and manages casually exceptional works. It seems to make him fun, the man and his fans Thus, to make them happy. He proudly reported in his book, that virtually every buyer gets a unique, because every subject learns through the elaborate work process change. His work is certainly not just a Enrichment for each apartment, each limited works are all more beautiful than any value system disdainfully share in the bank.

Charles Fazzino 'The World Loves NYC'

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